2024 NFL Draft: everything you need to know with Connor Rogers | Zero Blitz

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May 8, 2002
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Jason Fitz is joined by NFL Draft expert Connor Rogers as the duo do an early deep dive into the 2024 NFL Draft. Fitz and Connor spend some time discussing Connor's New York Jets and who's to blame for their utter failure of a season (Joe Douglas?) before diving into this year's loaded draft class. Fitz and Connor discuss the two uber-talent wide receivers, Caleb Williams vs. Drake Maye (and how the top three picks will shake out) and more before finishing off with a few of their favorite prospects to watch for in the first round. Later, Fitz is joined as always by the great Michael Lombardi to get a former GM's perspective on the latest stories around the NFL. Fitz and Michael go back and forth on the Buffalo Bills and whether they could still win the AFC East, the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins facing off this weekend in a battle of good-not-great and why Brock Purdy deserves the MVP award.

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