1. Folster

    Suns hire Frank Vogel as next head coach

  2. Covert Rain

    Netflix Releases Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul (Tim Donaghy)

    I know technically this is a TV topic but if you are a Suns fan or genral NBA fan? Prepare to be infuriated by this. It's available on Netflix now. Tim Donaghy tries to play off his role by reasoning that he didn't need the money. Also, makes the dubious claim that it didn't change how he...
  3. Covert Rain

    Players You Think Won't Be Back

    Just curious what the community thinks in terms of player who you think won't be back. It doesn't matter why (trade, cut, don't resign) but just your general feelings. Pick your Top 4.
  4. itlnsunsfan

    The Least Dominant

    In NBA history, there have been four number 1 seeds that have lost in the first round of the playoffs. Those were the 1994 Supersonics beaten by the Nuggets, the 1999 Heat beaten by the Knicks, the 2007 Mavericks beaten by the Warriors, and the 2011 Spurs beaten by the Grizzlies. Are the Suns...
  5. Absolute Zero

    Inject Positive Suns Media Into My veins

    With the tip of the cap to @BritCard for his thread in the Cards forum, I think we are going to need a similar thread for the Suns for the next few years. Check out Colin Cowherd absolutely gush on the Suns here, pretty cool to watch.
  6. Covert Rain

    Rumor: Lakers Seeking Sign & Trade for CP3

    Lakers rumored to be looking for a Sign and Trade for Chris Paul. Sorry if this was already posted. This reads more like the Lakers are fishing verses having a deal on the table but the Lakers are going to get a point guard this offseason. Sounds like they want Paul and he is high on their...
  7. Dr. Jones

    The Orange Towels in the Arena.....

    Friends in Phoenix. If you have an opportunity to grab an extra towel or two from the games, I would appreciate it. I still have a couple towels from the NFC Championship that I kept and would love to add to my collection. I would be happy to pay for shipping and handling also.
  8. Dr. Jones

    Anyone traveling to games 3 & 4??? The Road Posse Thread

    My tickets are paid for baby!! Anyone planning on attending either game? Looks like we fly out Saturday and stay till Thursday. We should probably coordinate a meet up pre and post game if your up for it. let me know! @WisconsinCard I may need some good recommendations on food!
  9. Brian in Mesa

    Free Suns Ticket Vouchers - two vouchers good for two tickets each

    Free Suns Ticket Vouchers - two vouchers good for two tickets each Got these when my wife bought some Coke products at QT. Free to anyone interested. Remaining games are April 1st (Cavs) and April 3rd (Jazz).

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