1. oaken1

    I dunno, do we really see it with Kyler?

    we need to see some improvement from the kid I for one am really hoping he takes a leap this season, not just a step.
  2. K

    Kyler + Coaching

    Lets keep this short and simple. We have one of the best qb talents in recent years that is very unhappy. We have a head coach that has collapsed the last 7 seasons and all 7 in his career as a head coach. Clearly excellent at marketing himself and smooth talking his way out of things. I'm a...
  3. RON_IN_OC

    Former Card: Thomas Burke

    Making news for all the wrong reasons.
  4. RON_IN_OC

    Is Janoris Jenkins Worth A Waiver Claim I don't care about his tweet...players have done much worse without repercussion.
  5. Skipper1111

    I really hope..

    I really hope we trade our top pick for more picks because we have a a bunch of needs, honestly and we’re not gonna want tires free agents, I’m done with washed up free agents except for that running back we got recently he’s pretty good. we’re gonna need to replace PP, DJ, A couple guys Oline...
  6. Skipper1111

    My thoughts, how about yours?

    Hi, It’s great to win games and I’m thankful, but there’s much more to talk about.. Playcalling is getting good and the team seems more organized so good job coaches and players. We really need linebackers that are great in pass coverage, I would draft/trade for a couple strong safeties, they...
  7. Skipper1111

    What I would do..

    Hi y’all, So it looks like we’re going for a top pick in the next draft and I would trade down my top pick so as to get more upper tier players since our team has so many needs. It looks like teams are holding onto their good players and if anyone is out to trade for there is a reason so it’s...
  8. ActingWild

    Cardinals Uniform Concept

    Just having some fun but thought I'd share. Do you prefer one of these home/away sets over the current unis?
  9. Skipper1111

    Against the Blitz + Other stuff

    I think we should or I hope we are more proactive against the blitz because it looks like that’s how they are gonna try to play K1. Maybe more screens and QB draws, the run option plays look cool, but are risky. We need to tire out the defense with Running the ball Other subjects, our defense...
  10. MoeIsBetter

    MSPA - AZ Cardinals

    Hey all, names Moe and I've been an "observer" here for over 10 years. I have something that I find really fun and I wanted to see if anybody would be interested in me posting my story here. I'll fill you in on what it is I do. 3 years ago I was in a simulation style Madden League called MDFL...
  11. Skipper1111

    Rosen/Cardinals 2018 analysis

    Hi all, A good analysis of Rosen/Cardinals play for 2018. I hope Cardinals leadership watch this and make proper changes.

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