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    The Market 2021

    Powell speaks in about 15 minutes. It had been expected that he would outline tapering of bond-buying but the NYT reports that the plan is expected to be less clear. Hard to tell if they are going to have a plan or wait until the plan is made for them…
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    2020-21 Around the NBA Thread

    I like it too. Fouls exist to dissuade, not to enable. I would love it if you couldn’t foul in the backcourt just to stop the clock at the end of the game. If you can’t get a stop and score then you lose. Usually it just delays the inevitable anyway.
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    Rumor: Lakers Seeking Sign & Trade for CP3

    I share the suspicion that the Suns and CP may already have a deal worked out. Given that CP wanted to come to Phoenix last year when the Lakers, Clippers, and Nuggets rosters were healthy, the Suns probably exceeded his expectations this year. But if CP and LeBron are both hearing father...
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    Welcome to Game 5 of the NBA Finals at the Footprint Center

    I’ve enjoyed it being called Phoenix Suns Arena lately because I usually just say [Team]’s arena or stadium. Or in the Suns’ case we can channel Al McCoy and call it the Purple Palace. I support the cause but this doesn’t sound any better than any corporate sponsor name, and worse than some.
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    Deandre Ayton discussion

    I couldn’t tell you exactly which year I started being aware of the team, but the players I remember are Davis, Macy, and Nance, so we’re talking sometime between 81-82 and 84-85.
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    Deandre Ayton discussion

    Adams and Davis were still playing when I reached fan age but I missed the beginnings of their careers. Would love to have seen them. As a lifelong fan I wish I could have seen it all!
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    2020-21 Around the NBA Thread

    I wonder who he’ll be posting up from the bench over there.
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    The Suns are a championship outlier, not a template...

    What Phoenix has built is a complete contender. I think if they’re emulating anyone it should be the Spurs in terms of persistently great culture and competency. San Antonio was able to attract stars, too. They didn’t win a title with LMA but it was still a big signing and Phoenix should have an...
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    Deandre Ayton discussion

    Nash was a great pick and I guess I’m just glad we got him back. But if we’re talking immediate impact (which doesn’t mean best) I actually give that nod to Amare with Booker close behind. Ayton a little behind that because of the ups-and-downs and suspension. But where he is in year 3 is up...
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    Are getting the same vibe now as in 1993?

    The sports scene felt smaller then for sure. I remember going to an ASU game when some of my friends were at a birthday party at Big Surf and they said there was cheering every time the fireworks went off because they knew the Devils had scored. This was an early non-conference game as well...
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    Booker Question

    I wish Sarver had given the conference trophy to Booker as well, but perhaps Booker wanted it to go to CP first. CP also said afterwards that Booker was why he wanted to come to the Suns. But most of all I’m glad that Book is introduced last in the starting lineup, so anyone watching knows what...
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    Are getting the same vibe now as in 1993?

    In ‘93 the Suns had also been to the playoffs the four previous seasons, during which they had finally gotten past the Lakers, and made the conference finals twice. So even though Barkley made them a national story the local fans were already like crazed Portland fans. But I’ve always posted...
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    An Asterisk Championship?

    With the aggressive new bad word blocking it seems like this is going to be an asterisk championship no matter what ;)
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    An Asterisk Championship?

    The Lakers were only playing the Suns in the first place because their stars missed so much time that they fell to #7. AD being unavailable was hardly a surprise and they could have lost in the first round to Utah, Portland, the Clippers, Denver, or even Dallas. Likewise Kawhi routinely misses...
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    Bucks or Hawks?

    I think the Suns ARE celebrating like the haven’t been there before, just like we’re celebrating like it’s been almost 30 years. I like it. In the NHL I cheer for Montreal: they didn’t touch the conference championship trophy per “the code,” and now they’re a game away from being swept in the...