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    2021 2nd round pick is Rondale Moore WR

    Unless that's all he can do, then defenses will figure it out like they figure out Cliff's offense. Moore has the speed to threaten deep, but he wasn't used that way as much these last couple years. We'll see Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
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    Cards would get 3 Comp Picks in 2022.

    I'm not trying to be an ass but I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. It says the contract value is $1.25M, including $500k. If it was $1.25M plus $500k, it should say as well as $500k, not including. Including means it's included. Listen, it's Weinfuss so maybe he meant something else, but...
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    Cards would get 3 Comp Picks in 2022.

    No, the $1.25M is including the bonus, so still $1.25M total. They're just saying he gets $500k of that money immediately Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
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    Cardinals : AJ green signed

    Dude caught like 45% of passes thrown his way, 11YPC. Dude is beyond washed. With news the WR market is low, this is really underwhelming. Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
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    Free Agency Rumors

    This. The money will dry up well before the crop of useful FA's does, and I think there are still some guys that will be cut to get under the cap. I'll admit I was bummed we didn't get Linsley, but the only other big name im willing to pay is William Jackson. This team lacks depth overall...
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    Free Agency Rumors

    It's not real when you want your team to spend money like they'll never have to foot the bill. It's real when it becomes real and you have to let players go. Unfortunately most fans act like they only care about the upcoming year and not the long term outlook. Sent from my moto g power using...
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    Immediate Impact or Long Term Dominance?

    There are obviously examples of guys who were raw and started out with little impact early in their careers. Danielle Hunter was an athletic project who had 6 sacks his rookie season, which also happens to match Chandler Jones rookie sack total. Most CB's come out of the gate shaky and improve...
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    Cardinals trade up from 8 to 4

    No way im giving a future first for a S/ILB no matter how athletic he is Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
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    Henry Ruggs III

    I already told K1, he's cool with it now. I showed him film of the 9ers D-line, Aaron Donald twice a year, and all the other D-linemen that have had our QB's running for their lives since the history of this franchise. Dont worry, he's on board with OT. Also last i checked K1 is a QB, not GM...
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    DJ traded to the Texans for DeAndre Freaking Hopkins

    I don't know if Isabella will make a big step forward, but his speed would also really open up the short to mid passing game for those guys as well. If Isabella can contribute, even just as a threat will help everyone. Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
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    Jordan Phillips signed for 3 years

    Its almost unheard of (minus Kirk Cousins) for it all to be guaranteed. Problem is AZ is historically close to the vest about contract details, so i find we see the numbers later than other franchises. I'm interested in the numbers as well Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
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    DJ traded to the Texans for DeAndre Freaking Hopkins

    News on this broke an hour brain is still trying to make it compute. 4th round swaps 2020/2021, call it a wash. Salaries pretty close, we take on additional 2 mil. So we picked up a DeAndre Hopkins, in his prime, with 3 years of reasonable contract in exchange for a RB with an albatross...
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    Josh Weinfuss' ( ESPN) Irresponsible Reporting On The Cardinals

    I dont think Weinfuss does a great job covering the team in general, but this one wasnt on him. It's a "bold predictions" column, by definition it needs to be a bit whacky. It's not his fault the national media took it and ran away with it, its the media's fault. Sorry dude, you're wrong here...
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    With the 8th pick in the NFL Draft......

    All 4 of the top OT's in this draft are OT1's in other years. It's insane, and with the 8th pick and a glaring need at RT, and a historically injury-prone LT, not taking one of these guys now to protect Kyler is just irresponsible. Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
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    With the 8th pick in the NFL Draft......

    I cant believe there are fans who think we dont need OL help. Because we signed Humphries,who has completed what, 1 full healthy year? And Justin Murray progressively sucked less and less as the year went on. And we have no other depth at all at the OT position. Yet somehow we're all set there...