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    Dan Arnold vs Mike Gesicki vs AJ Green

    On one level I wonder why we have ignored the Tight End position for years or overpaid for dregs. Then I remember that our GM got pranked by a comedian on draft day.
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    Jordan Hicks

    And I am no Hicks fan. When I rewatched the game he was cleaning up Allen being blown off the line.
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    The DeAndre Hopkins appreciation thread

    OMG after all that defensive explanation, his co host looks at him and says "What they will say at home is you stuck your nose where it didn't belong, ran your mouth and got dealt with"
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    Jordan Hicks

    Zach Allen has played 59% of the defensive snaps and he has a two total tackles over 2 games, no Qb Hurries or Knockdowns. Everyone is asking why Hicks is making tackles 5 yards downfield, it is because the person in front of him
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    Jordan Hicks

    No I am saying that complaining about Hicks when Zach Allen was the real issue with the last game is short sighted.
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    Kachina Jersey

    That is both a Coyote and looks mean. The Kachina doll is neither.
  7. Chris_Sanders

    Kachina Jersey

  8. Chris_Sanders

    Jordan Hicks

    If our DLine was performing as it should, Hicks would not be any sort of an issue.
  9. Chris_Sanders

    Week 3 Parlay of Undefeated

    Inspired by this I have taken a 7 team Money Line Parlay on every team favored to win by a touchdown or more. Raiders didn't make the cut
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    WK 3-Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars Pre Game Thread 9/20/21-9/25/21

    But they are #1 in throwing deep. They just can't complete any of them.
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    Kachina Jersey

    Despise the Kachina jerseys.
  12. Chris_Sanders

    The Hype Train Choo Choo

    Plus then the Superbowl would be President's Day Weekend. Monday off for most
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    Game balls vikes game

    Do you realize that he is running a sub 4 minute mile in full pads and throwing the ball. That is insanity. That is sprinter speed

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