Wk 12-Los Angeles Chargers @ Arizona Cardinals PreGame thread. 11/22/22-11/26/22


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Aug 22, 2003
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Technically there are 6 teams right now who are above the Cardinals The Seahawks currently hold the last spot (7th position), the Commanders, Packers, Lions, Saints and Falcons are all ahead of the Cardinals.

Four of the six remaining teams on the Cardinal's schedule are presently either holding a playoff spot, (Bucs 4th.) or are in the thick of things, Patriots are 8th, Chargers are 9th and Falcons are 9th. so none of these teams are going to be pushovers and will be pulling out all stops in games to claw their way into the number seven position or better. The Falcons still have a very legitimate shot at their division and the Bucs will be trying to hold them off since they are only separated by a 1/2 game right now.

The Cardinals, in the meantime basically need to 5 of their last 6 games just to get to nine wins to have any shot at a playoff spot and it may still not be enough.

Even the Broncs game will have it's difficulties when you consider that Russell Wilson is the QB. Which team does Wilson have more career wins against than any other team, one guess, if you said the Cardinals you would have the correct answer. He has beaten the Cardinals 11 times, more than any other team he has played against.

The road to the playoffs for the Cardinals is long and full of all types of roadblocks along the way. Does anyone see this team overcoming the challenges that are ahead of them?
I look at it like we have to win out, period. We STILL need help beyond that but I'm of the thought that 10-7 might not get it done. I thought differently a few weeks ago, but we're too much in the dungeon to think of ANYTHING other than running the table.


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Mar 28, 2003
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DJ is surprising and the most games he'll play left are the final two. Hollywood officially back and good to see Maxx getting real more time, but would have preferred him sign to the active vs being elevated.