Still a Playoff Team


Oct 11, 2002
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Between the Pipes
Ya I completely disagree and don't feel this is a confirmed fact/evidence "KK's playbook = KK's offence."...My opinion is it is more so Kyler and the weapons around him. Put 31 other OC's and I don't think your results vary much or if at all (other than pairing a more competent OC.. thus better results).

Up-tempo is far more Kyler doing the work than Kliffy. Audible'
Spot on post... Kliffy is worried about making 'his' way work rather than playing to the team's strengths and identity. he simply still can not adjust. We have won based on offensive talent and great defense. I am convinced that going up tempo to allow Kyler have more control of audibles/having less involvement of Kliffy makes this a better offense 100%. From slow start 1st halds, to how good we look in up-tempo second halfs (this year and last year) to Kliffy being less involved in the Cleveland game - the evidence speaks for itself.

Also agree on your defensive coaching standpoint. It was maddening not to see us try something different. At least if Rodgers did torch us throw the air a few times, it would have gave the offense more possessions - which I would have like in this game as I don't think GB could have kept up if we made this a high scoring up-tempo affair.

Queue the Kliffy defenders without validation other than our record... which Kiem should be credited.
Bump. Great post.