Stating the obvious. This offense stinks.


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Jul 11, 2002
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Plainfield, Il.
You can talk about the defense , special teams and anything else but one thing is clear. This offense is terrible.
In our last 9 games we are averaging 19 pts a game. Of those 9 games we have scored 25 points or more two times and lost one of those.

I stated a before the season, with the personnel we have it would require scoring 30 points a game to win. We’re not even close.
We have not scored a point in the first quarter.

Most of our offensive stats have come after a large deficit when opposing defenses give us the short stuff, totally content to watch us burn the clock with 18 play drives and having to convert on 4th down 3 times.

It appears defenses plan to rush their ends, but not to deep to prevent Kyler from getting outside and then bring pressure up the middle. That is until they’ve built a lead.

When you have your head coach states after 3 games “We have to find our identity” you know there’s trouble. Hey Kliff isn’t that the kind of stuff we should have known a long time ago? So okay, if you are one believing Hopkins return will make things all better, have at it. But if we continue to average 18pts a game we will be lucky to win 5 games.
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