NFL Legacies..


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the NFL likes legacy players. It adds continuity to the league while also adding players who usually know the work required to succeed. Marvin Harrison JR has been all the buzz...but Jerry Rice JR didnt even get drafted back in 2014... there is lots of psychology around living in the shadow of a great father and sharing his name... but there are other legacies in this draft...

Muhsin "MOOSE" Mohammed, son of the Panthers WR is in the 2024 draft... and my personal favorite, a sleeper...

Brenden Rice. Jerrys younger son. the one that didnt have to carry his fathers name.
at 6'3 215 pounds...1.43 split, 4,39 40...38 inch vert... dude is an athletic freak who has shown consistent improvement year after year. He started at colorado then took the portal to USC two years would think that playing with caleb williams would skyrocket a guys numbers...but Rice put up a modest 45 catches for 790 yards. with 12 TD's..digging into this I found something interesting. while Rice is a physical freak, his strength is.....precise routes...just like his dad...and it seems to me a guy who runs precise routes benefits more from a QB who stays on schedule... But Williams goes off schedule all the time...transferring to USC in 2022 may have hurt Rice as far as numbers go.
oh, and get this... Brenden Rice is from Chandler Arizona... played for Hamilton High.
Last season he clocked 22mph on the gps.

Big WR. Speed. Production. NFL Royalty. Arizona Native.


There is more than one Legacy WR in this draft and IMO Brenden Rice is one we sshould be looking to add to our squad