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May 20, 2002
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@Krangthebrain has graciously decided to let the board pick a new screenname for him. Top vote getter will win. Let's pass the time waiting for the game and have a laugh.

Please submit suggestions and then we can have a poll. Nothing is off limits as far as I'm concerned, just so the mods will allow it.

Mods, could this be stickied for a bit? I know there's a thread for it somewhere but more posters will have their 2 cents here.





lil help here guys ....
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May 21, 2010
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Fox whole

Who are our foxhole friends? I mean I have fishing friends, front yard friends, back yard friends, living room friends, kitchen friends, bedroom friends and intimate bathroom friends, but by far the most intimate friends I ever had are foxhole friends in the army.

My buddy - didn’t always like their personality, their interests, the way they smelled. when it was cold enough to kill us, we stuck feets into each other’s armpits and survived till morning. Never to be spoken about again. Expected to handle each our assigned sector of fire, so the enemy does not penetrate our unit or harm our country overall. . But when he must pee or poop, I covered his, good ones would sync, learn each other’s rhythm in life, tolerate and accept shortcomings and beliefs.

We each carried 1/2 of our tent, shared our c rations, smokes, lights but only 2 at at a time, because the 3rd cigarette lit from one match could be shot by a sniper. I ate what they didn’t like, they ate what I didn’t like(not fair. I Like everything) toilet paper, yes you didn’t have to **** much when eating c rations, but when you do, the john Wayne toilet paper supplied with c- rations was never adequate. But much better then nothing.

We shared everything without concern for tomorrow’s or yesterday’s because in a fox hole they may not exist, even 5 minutes. Then up we go to complete many missions and dig a new one for the next night. With Grenade sump, area of operation they called it, hope their ain’t ants this time, look at the view, Cover or concealment? You got first watch, I’m out.