Have we Evolved Past a Point of Lasting Existence


Pawnee, Skidi Clan
Feb 1, 2012
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Mesa, AZ
I wonder and think deeply at times about our species evolving past its own natural state and existence. Our species seems so burdened, unhappy, and lost in so many ways as opposed to every other living thing, I can't help but question why. I often look at the question from a spiritual consciousness standpoint, and always seem to trace the root of our destructive nature to our ego. Had our evolved brain, which created and supports this ongoing ego, thinking, judging, analyzing, conniving, coveting, searching for answers to life and the universe, taken our species on a journey away from a simpler natural freer life? We now find ourselves not living and enjoying each present moment, but rather living totally in a past and future construct of our mind.

Was there a point in our evolution when the ego and mind took over or was somehow manifested into our being? The Bible, which I am not a fan of necessarily, speaks early on of God creating man and woman and giving them everything they needed to live a joyous fruitful life with one caveat, "don't eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge." Was this the figurative warning to man not to strive to know that which needn't be known? The Universe's mysteries and secrets were his alone to know, and happiness didn't depend on being knowledgeable like Gods, but rather by remaining in the moment, enjoying and being thankful for all that was laid before us was life's eternal gift. Are we the hominid species that went down the wrong road?
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