Goodell’s state of the league, breaking down Chiefs-49ers & inside Washington’s revenge tour | Inside Coverage

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Jason Fitz is joined by Yahoo Sports Senior NFL Reporters Charles Robinson and Jori Epstein live in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII as the duo go behind the scenes on some of the most interesting storylines around the NFL. After discussing their various Vegas experiences so far this week (and how cool it is to be in Vegas for a Super Bowl), the hosts dive into the Roger Goodell press conference, which covered big issues ranging from the NFL's gambling policy to streaming playoff games and much more. Charles calls for more clarity on the gambling policy and where the line we can't cross is, and Jori and Charles agree that it was once again apparent that Goodell's bottom line is to make the NFL (and its owners) richer. The Washington Commanders hired OC Kliff Kingsbury, which leads to a conversation around the Ben Johnson fiasco, where Washington seemed to go on a media campaign against Johnson after he pulled out of consideration for the head coach job. Charles says it reminds him of the way NBA owners often operate, but it's rare to see that in the NFL. Jason, Charles and Jori move on to discussing the Super Bowl, as the two reporters give their observations from being up close with both teams all week. Charles noticed that Patrick Mahomes seems completely locked in, and the Kansas City Chiefs appear to be almost nonchalant this week. Jori and Charles both learned just how impressed the San Francisco 49ers offensive coaches are with Brock Purdy and how quickly he picked up Kyle Shanahan's intricate offense. He is not a system quarterback – he's a franchise guy. The trio finish with their predictions for the game and how it might play out.

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