Gannon roasted for pep talk


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Jan 16, 2009
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Chandler, AZ
we can all argue til we are blue in the face but we all know we need to lose and Houston needs to lose and they need to lose a lot. We’ll want 2 top 5 pics in 2024 if we can get them. You think budda baker doesn’t want that? He wants that too.

And yet, the defense played with fire it hasn’t played with in a long time in a game that meant even more to the opposing fan base than either team. To me that says Gannon did something right with very little to use to win.

Maybe the damn speech worked.


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Jul 21, 2002
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Orange County, CA
Man you sure are ignoring a LOT of molehills. Do you get tired typing that over and over and over? Don’t those molehills grow one on top of another?

Don’t look now frog, but each of those degrees you’ve been ignoring has become a boiling pot . . . aaaaaaaaand . . . you’re dead.

bias? I have no opinion on gannon other than I think he’s sounded goofy in some sound bytes, seems fired up and enthusiastic, and from one game: has a hard hitting defense, and a somewhat undisciplined team (penalties). That’s it. That’s my bias.
Was I talking to you? I'm pretty certain the bias comment was directed at the beatnik.

I'd characterize you as overly argumentative, but generally fair.

And so far I do think it's a lot of mole hills. Despite the loss, I think most observers were pleasantly surprised with the Cardinals overall play I do understand the negative bias to a degree..we have a high degree of battered fan syndrome here.