Fixing the worst NFL franchises with Kevin Clark | Zero Blitz

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May 8, 2002
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Jason Fitz is joined by This Is Football host Kevin Clark, as the duo assume their alter egos and become Mr. Fix It. Fitz and Kevin run through some of the most abysmal NFL franchises and give clear 1-2 year plans to take teams from the bottom of the draft to playoff contention. The duo make a plan to fix the New England Patriots, Washington Commanders, Chicago Bears, Las Vegas Raiders, Tennessee Titans, New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Chargers, Thursday Night Football and the Buffalo Bills. Later, Fitz is joined as always by former NFL GM Michael Lombardi to discuss the most underrated storylines of the week. The duo dive into the Miami Dolphins' criminally underrated defense and Vic Fangio's impact, the New York Jets and whether or not they'll blow it up after the season, which teams are ready for bad weather football and Justin Fields' development as a quarterback.

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