CFB & Prospect Discussion Thread:


Pawnee, Skidi Clan
Feb 1, 2012
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Mesa, AZ
I just did a brief overview of the top prospects and counted 48 that I think could be solid starters for us and instantly make our team better. I do not mean in 3 yrs, I mean pretty much right away for the most part. This 48 wasn´t just positions of greatest need, but rather simply the very best players that are already appear to be NFL starter material.

I don´t mean there aren´t a lot more decent players in the draft, just none I feel strong enough about to say they could win a starting job year 1.

If there is anything to what I said, I figured if we use our late 3rd and/or early 4th to combine with our 66th pick, we could get 3 new and improved starters out of this draft. And that is without trading back in the R1. IF we traded back in R1 we should be able to come away with 4 new ready to play right out of the box type players. Obviously, thatś if we draft wisely and much better than we have in the recent past.

We would still have all our R5-R7 picks to fish with or use as bait to move around the draft.