Cardinals Busted for Tampering with Gannon.


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May 28, 2002
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You still believe this after sleeping on it?
A few things were/are in play after that.

#1 we traded back up. Who knows who's there at 12 and what we pick there?
Also, we don't know what the 2024 first-round pick is. #1 and #20 have completely different values.

I wasn't saying it was, it had the potential to be, if other things fell into place (the wrong way). I was offering a scenario, not a firm belief that will happen. Just saying 'our luck' type thing. It was absolutely a valid question at the time. (totality of events, not just the trade itself, but how that Suggs trade determined the draft, now we had the initial trade and the loss of the 3rd rd pick because of the tampering. Maybe it wasn't clear, but that's what I meant)

If we ended up with a 3rd or 4th OL men taken and then the #20 pick next year, well, it fits. #17 and #18 is better when compared to #12 and then say #20 next year. We also didn't have clarification on which pick, theirs or Browns. Plus the loss of the 3rd.

The good thing is, we traded back up, got the #1 OT and we see where that #1 pick lands.
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Jan 13, 2003
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Sorry, a mia culpa isn't enough to me. If you are hired to run an organization and one of the very first things you do is break the rules, you should be shown the door. Not to mention the HC he hired that lied through his teeth about not knowing until after the SB that he was being considered....well, birds of a feather.

Of course, there is the owner, who hired him that means integrity and honesty aren't really a requirement to be employed by him. So, I guess in today's world, "everybody else does it so what's the big deal?" or "they had to do it to seal the deal." so the ends justify the means. SMH