An Intellectual Exercise for those who are Philosophically Inclined


Pawnee, Skidi Clan
Feb 1, 2012
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Mesa, AZ
You, the top interrogator for the government, have 1 normal every day person in front of you along with 1 complete clone of that person, physically/biologically perfect in every way, which includes looks, actions, all that real person's past experiences, memories, and feelings based on those memories. Both look and act identical, down to voices, expressions, etc. A perfect clone with possibly the only detectable difference being in the answers they give to your questions, answers which of course are simply the product of the memories, beliefs, ego, and images they have of themselves, you, and the whole world around them.

The clone in this exercise has been programmed to assassinate the president at any cost, however you, armed with a gun, have them both secured as hostages at a secret location in an interrogation room. You have just a couple hours to legally hold and question them, decide which is the clone, and destroy it before it is freed to complete its mission.

Begin your interrogation now by asking questions and/or legally securing responses any way you think of to determine the clone and shoot/kill it. If you can, briefly describe what you would do, say, and go about your task of possibly exposing and destroying the clone and freeing the real person. How would you decide, what might give a clue to who was who.

No right answer, just looking for the best answers that make the most sense based on the info above.

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