Aaron Glenn as head coach?

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interesting that you just totally left out that during his three seasons as linebackers coach before the one year as DC, the Texans ranked third in the NFL in yards allowed per game. Oh, and that 2017 defense was RIDDLED with injuries to Watt and others? Or that Vrabel was a multi-time Super Bowl champion and leader of great defenses, playing under the best coach in the league for the majority of his career.
Some awful arguments here. In 2020 when Aaron Glenn was DBs coach with the Saints, they were fifth lowest in points allowed.

So what he played for Belichick. So did Aaron Hernandez.

Crazy that you'd leave out his entire career and focus on one season to make whatever inane point you're trying to make as a preemptive strike to defend the Cardinals from making yet another baffling hire.
Glenn had a pretty damn career as a player too, probably better than Vrabel. He had 42 career interceptions which is nothing to sniff at.

Both players made 1 All Pro in their career, though Vrabel was mostly a role player his entire career. Glenn was voted to three Pro Bowls and was a Jets All Decade Team pick.
now, since you've made the intrinsic comparison between Glenn and Vrabel, can you tell us if Glenn has ANYTHING positive in his playing or coaching career that resembles anything CLOSE to Vrabel's background?
I'd argue Glenn was a better player.

But I wouldn't have been excited about Vrabel either.