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May 14, 2002
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Heading into 2022, I think the offensive side of the ball is pretty clear.

We need to re-sign Zach Ertz, James Conner, and Maxx Williams.

Current contracts:
Extend DJ - I am not his biggest fan and he had a down year but who would replace him? Extend him and get some cap flexibility this year.
Extend Pugh - Also not a huge Pugh fan but who is going to replace him as an upgrade and for what money? I would extend him and gain cap flexibility this year.

RG - Also the main reason we need to role with Pugh. We need a strong RG. Balancing continuity and realism (cap situation).
RB - If we can get Conner (my preference), we will most likely need to replace Edmonds. Might be some decent veterans out there but most likely this is a draft. (I like James Cook in rd 3-4).
WR - I think Green and Kirk are gone.
Draft - There are some solid 1st round WR's to look at (Maybe Williams falls, Olave, and my personal favorite in 20's is Treylon Burks). Maybe Metchie in rd 2? Metchie & Williams both have ACL's to factor in.
FA - Are there some 1 year contract options for a veteran WR? JuJu looks like a prime candidate. DJ Chark? Maybe trade for Marvin Jones?

Two key factors that could improve our offensive success in 2022:
- serious commitment to run the damn ball consistently
- throw the ball (2-10 yards) to Ertz/Conner/or slants on 3rd down vs those low percentage 20-40 yard passes to the sideline that are drive killers
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Sep 5, 2009
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There are some other tigh ends available? I mean Williams Ertz is the Slowest tigh end duo in the nfl


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May 15, 2002
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The offense needs an influx in young talent and Vance can roll out his precious Vallejo and Joe Walker for all I care. If I am AZ, I am using the draft to load up on offensive talent.


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Mar 14, 2003
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Personally I would love to see them draft Jahan Dotson out of PSU. He's everything Moore was supposed to be and more. Similar to Antonio Brown in ability. They would have to take him in round 1 as he will never be there in round 2 by the time they pick. Let Kirk go, let Green go and use Wesley to replace Green. You reduce your WR room cost and at the same upgrade it. Funny how the first two reports contradict each other on his catch radius and hands when catching balls away from his body. Having watched all the PSU games this season I would lean toward what Bleacher Report said and not the Buzz about his catch radius and hands.

From NFLDraftbuzz

Scouting Report: Strengths​

  • A slippery runner with elusive footwork. Has little to no wasted movements between the reception and burst upfield.
  • Lacks the ideal size, but has a similar body type to Antonio Brown.
  • Makes difficult catches look easy.
  • Shows quickness off the snap to shake off corners and create room. Separates with hesitation moves and nice acceleration.
  • Former track athlete at HS level, won PIAA state championships in 4x100 relay and long jump (2016), and regional state titles in 100m and 200m in 2018
  • Dotson is a big-play producer. Since the start of last season, he is tied with Olave, Smith, and Jaelon Darden for the most 20-plus-yard TD catches in the country with 11
  • He gets off the line with a nice burst and is very fluid in his movements with little wasted steps in his routes.
  • An impressive athlete with very quick acceleration to reach his top speed quickly and stretch the field. Very good body control and smooth movements. Plays fast and explosive.

Scouting Report: Weaknesses​

  • NFL defenders may be able to knock him off his route because of his slight frame.
  • Does not always use his hands to secure deep throws, allowing the ball into his pads and chest
  • Dotson has a smaller catch radius, doesn't have the size to win many 50-50 balls, and won't break a lot of tackles
  • May have an issue transitioning to the pros - he's 5-foot-11 and goes 184-pound and will likely get pressed more frequently in the NFL than at the college level.
  • When he’s forced to catch away from his body, there are multiple examples of him double-catching the ball, which enables defenders to break up the play.

Scouting Report: Summary​

Dotson's athletic ability and impressive season at Penn State have NFL scouts paying attention and even thinking he could become the next Tyreek Hill.
He is the draft's second-best deep threat, after Jameson Williams, and is a top-level prospect that could explode at the next level. It's likely Dotson will be taken in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft - it's just unlucky for him this is such a loaded class as any other year he would likely be picked in the top half.

From Bleacher Report

: 5’11”



— Very good route-runner who understands how to tempo his routes to keep defenders off balance. Consistently stays tight on his route breaks and knows how to throttle down and stay friendly to the quarterback versus zone coverage.

— Good versus the press despite his size. Wins with footwork and quickness and knows how to make himself a hard target for CBs to get hands on.

— Very good hands and catching range. Maximizes his size and length by being able to snatch throws well away from his body. Fully comfortable fully extending in a crowd.

— Dangerous at all three levels. Can consistently create yards after the catch on short and intermediate routes because of his very good lateral quickness and balance. Has the long speed to take the top of defenses on post and go routes.

— Competitive player who is a willing blocker and goes full speed every play.

—Has been a productive punt returner in his career.

And from the draft network: https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/jahan-dotson/nBg6dncycP


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Jan 28, 2015
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That's exactly what he would be. The kid is pure dynamite. The only thing that would make me leery is his size, but, hey, that's a Keim specialty.
The guy has only played 1 season. He can’t control the ball getting thrown to him.

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