1. daves

    NFL Execs Unfiltered: Who are the NFL’s top cornerbacks?

    That's the title of this article in the Athletic. Here's an excerpt: ...dave
  2. daves

    The Athletic ranks team continuity

    Since this has been a topic here lately.... https://theathletic.com/1988791/2020/08/14/introducing-continuity-scores-ranking-nfl-teams-from-1-to-32 ...dave
  3. daves

    The Athletic ranks NFL offenses for 2020

    https://theathletic.com/1965728/2020/08/04/ranking-every-nfl-offense-from-1-to-32-going-into-the-2020-season ...dave
  4. Skipper1111

    What I would do..

    Hi y’all, So it looks like we’re going for a top pick in the next draft and I would trade down my top pick so as to get more upper tier players since our team has so many needs. It looks like teams are holding onto their good players and if anyone is out to trade for there is a reason so it’s...
  5. SissyBoyFloyd

    2020 NFL Draft Contest - Guess Who Cards will Pick next year in R1

    I know, we don't know what the pick order is now. But go ahead and pick a player anyway, we'll keep this handy to review next April to see who guessed correctly. my guess - Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia