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    Thursday night football week 4

    Scary to watch. Immediately made me think of the hit to Boldin against the Jets, however many years ago, where his arms went into their crazy position. I Hope Tua is ok.
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    Cardinals trade pick #23 for Hollywood Brown

    To be fair, the question would be is that potential draft pick (on a CB or true edge) better than the Brown / Myjai Sanders combo. Since we did get a 3rd back from the Ravens as well. Unfortunately, we probably will never know about Sanders since they refuse to put him on the field.
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    Antonio Hamilton says he’s 90 percent healed from burns

    I think we've definitely made some adjustments (though I'm no defensive scheme guru). Though at the same time, we've weirdly had super long drives and possessed the ball alot in the 2nd half of the past couple of games limiting the opposition's potential to score. Which would be GREAT if we...
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    Antonio Hamilton says he’s 90 percent healed from burns

    It was mainly because they only threw the ball 25 times. They had 10 YPA. But yes, could have been even more if they didn't have a few key drops as well.
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    I thought Arians was a crap play caller.

    Is Brown the new Hopkins?
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    Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers Pregame Thread. 9/26/22-10/02/22

    If we win there is still hope for the season. If we take an L, I think it's all but over. I still think we win this game.
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    Rams at Cardinals gameday thread 9-25-22

    Ok we have a chance. Get a stop first drive and let’s see what happens
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    Rams at Cardinals gameday thread 9-25-22

    After grounding myself all week and not letting last week’s results get the best of me I’ve come to the conclusion that we are definitely going to win this game!!! Let’s go!
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    Zach Allen

    So discredit Murphy by saying Carr had a poor game, but pump up Slay? How did Cousins play that game? Both of the INTs were gift-wrapped.
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    Cardinals next head coach?

    BB is the only active coach to win more than one SB. Hard to beat up on Payton for winning one.
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    WK 3-LA Rams @ Arizona Cardinals Pregame thread. 9/18/22-9/25/22

    That invisible boost is actually less than 2 points these days.
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    Christian Kirk?

    I'm confused. Are people advocating that we should have kept him at his current contract? If we gave him that much $$ this place would have melted down.
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    After the game, locker room talk. 9/18/22

    I've looked and we've run 9 such plays. Vs Chiefs: 1. Kyler run (Counts as run) 2. Kyler scramble (Counts as run) 3. Sack (Counts as pass) Vs Raiders: 1. Kyler Pass (Counts as pass) 2. Conner Run (Counts as run) 3. Conner Run (Counts as run) 4. Eno Run (Counts as run) 5. Sack (Counts as...
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    After the game, locker room talk. 9/18/22

    How many plays did we run in the first 3 quarters when the score was within 7? Is this just an issue of a small sample size?
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    Cardinals at Raiders gameday thread 9-18-22

    I don't know why they were so obsessed with zooming in so much on every single play. Worst camera work I may have ever seen.

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