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    Game balls vikes game

    437 total yards, and only one ball hit the ground unintentionally. DJ couldn't block anyone making it that much harder, plus Kyler's scrambles were otherworldly. No one but Lamar and Kyler could have made those plays today. Kyler played out of his mind every with the two mistakes.
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    MadJack's Banner Suggestions - Vikings Game!

    Yeah he probably is. His play dropped off significantly the past 2-3 years and it’s time for all of us to move on.
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    Wk 1 Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans Pre Game thread Sept 6 - Sept 11, 2021

    Remember that game though? Kevin Kolb throwing dimes all over the field, Beanie Wells trucking folks, Kerry Rhodes sacking Cam Newton - it was wild. To me that was a "what could've been" moment for that team. Here's the recap just for memories' sake:
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    Malcom Butler

    Oh I bet it is exactly that.
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    Will 9-8 Record be a Successful '21 Season

    If we don’t make it into the playoffs and score at least one playoff victory, I don‘t think we can consider this season a success. With the talent they have on the team and the veteran leadership, they should make a deep playoff run should they get in. It’s all on Kyler Murray’s shoulders IMO...
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    Cards cuts

    It goes without saying that we really have some problems in our scouting department. I know Adrian Wilson is beloved - I still have his jersey in my closet too, but we can’t get it right so many times it makes me wonder if we don’t need a complete overhaul of the scouting group. They just get it...
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    Can Chase Edmonds be a solid NFL Starting RB?

    While Chase may be the technical starter, I definitely think you’ll see running back by committee. We’re not a RB-focused team, with Kyler and the WRs we have, we’re going to be throwing the ball, counting on the horizontal passing game (mesh routes, WR screens, quick outs, jet sweeps, etc.) as...
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    What is your Favorite Cardinal Moment of all time

    I have far too many, so I'm going to list all that come to mind: 1) 1997 against Dallas. Finally got the monkey off our back and beat these guys. 2) The shovel pass to Adrian Murrell against Dallas in the 1998 playoffs. You just kinda knew the Cards had Dallas' number after that play. 3) Kwamie...
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    With the Josh Allen extension, gotta imagine Kyler's up next year

    Man, wait until you see owner salaries.
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    Former Cardinals on Keim

    Many of you will be very disappointed when the Cardinals make the playoffs this year and you’re forced to root for a Keim/Kliff team for a few more years.
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    Is Steve Keim forcing Vance Joseph's hand?

    Bottom line, we have HUGE and mobile linebackers now. I for one find this exciting.
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    Update on Cardinals jersey # changes

    Huh, a Mike backer wearing 25. Times are changing.
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    Trade Up, Or Back, Or Stand Pat?

    We're so bad at drafting and we've blown entire drafts. Just trade up and get Pitts. Quantity of draft picks goes out the window with this team. Just go get your guy.
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    Reddick agrees to sign with Carolina

    That's fair. I was thinking in terms of current FAs.
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    Larry Fitzgerald is a free agent

    We'll have fans back in the stadiums this year. It may only be half a season, but with the vaccine distribution ramping up I'm very optimistic.