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Arizona's Finest

Your My Favorite Mistake, 38

The Killing Jokes Aug 18, 2016

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Sep 21, 2016
    1. Arizona's Finest
      Arizona's Finest
      The Killing Jokes
    2. Arizona's Finest
      Arizona's Finest
      No no it isn't Mulli. WTF happened to Lebron I will never know. But hey - that was clever, right? :)
    3. Mulli
      Miami is not Rome. W00t!
    4. Arizona's Finest
    5. Shane
      Bout time you two manned up! :)
    6. Arizona's Finest
      Arizona's Finest
      The sad thing is JTS we were WAAAAAY off. Kurt stuck it to us and this whole thing has been kind of bittersweet as we owe the guy but DAMN we were wrong :)

      I still think cheering for a homegrown guy who we contend for year in and year out would be the ideal. I just think if we had "our" Peyton Manning or even Aaron Rodgers it would be that much more satisfying.

      But I gotta say I am really having my doubts on the kid right now. The funny thing is everyone I know here in FLA knows how much I like Matt so this upcoming year will either be a tribute to our football acumen or a year long dump on our chest. There really is no middle ground.

      Man how great would it be if the kid makes things happen next year and we can pile on Campos and Mitch AND get to cheer for a year in year out winner.

      But I ain't holding my breath at this point. This is going to be the longest offseason ever.
    7. jefftheshark
      So, after re-thinking this conversation of over a year ago (and after having Shane PM this to me as a reminder :)), the question is: Are we two of the biggest ingrates of all time? :D

      How could we have doubted the all-consuming greatness of Kurt Warner?

      [IMG] curse you past-JTS, and your short-sighted ways!

    8. Arizona's Finest
      Arizona's Finest
      Hey thanks man and you know the feeling is mutual. It takes a lot to make me laugh but you seem to do it on a routine basis. I have been a little crankier then usual this week but I think its understandable with the loss last Sunday. So funny how my mood and attitude fluctuate based on football games. Oh well - we all have our vices;)

      Actually I plan on being in town for the Seahawks game and/or potential playoff game and theres a few guys (yourself included) I would love to meet up with either pregame, half time or whatever. I am trying to secure the seahawk tickets right now and I'll pay whatever to go the playoff game. Let me know you intinerary and lets share a beer or two. And if you know of anyone with tix to sell to either game let me know too.

      Looking forward to meeting you.
    9. jefftheshark
      You've been on a roll lately, keep up the good work. I have to tell you, I look for your posts probably more than any other who posts here, especially when it comes to your football and Cardinal viewpoints.

      Of course, I have to overlook the fact that you're a UofA guy, but then again no-one's perfect. :biggrin:
    10. Arizona's Finest
      Arizona's Finest
      Oh Jeff - If only being right made me feel better. Yesterday was the worst game I have ever witnessed (and thats saying something) with the 34- 0 hole, Boldin getting hurt, and Warner getting time to put up meaningless stats so all the fans with a love affair for the guy would get more ammo for when the actual games wash out of our head and we only have stats to look back at. :sigh:

      Its just ridiculous how EVERY time you need the guy to play well to get you over the hump he shrinks up and plays like a bag boy from Iowa rather then the two time MVP (which he is never going to be again)

      I am not sure whats going to happen next week but I am of the opinion with the home heavy schedule and Matt actually outplaying Kurt when at home we should go to the kid. Unfortunatley I think Wiz made his bed and now has to sleep in it. Its so funny because you can see how enraged Wiz and Haley are at the guy and how averese they were to going with him and like some kinda goofball Warners solution is "We need to throw the ball more" - the absolute polar opposities in philosophy is like nothing i have ever seen from a coach to a QB and its going to come to a head sooner or later. I just hope we pull the plug on this whole "Jesus Christ Superstar" experiment soon and get Matt the reps he needs.

      Ahh being a Cardinals fan means always playing for next year. And wishing you drafted Adrian Peterson of course;)
    11. jefftheshark
      The "New & Improved" Warner lasted a week longer than I thought he would, as I expected the meltdown to happen in Washington. Oh, well, I guess it is our curse to be right, and yet to have no one listen. :biggrin:
    12. Arizona's Finest
      Arizona's Finest
      Jeff - no worries as you are one of my favorite posters and it helps that we are on the same page with much of our Cardinals view points. I always got your back bud and I'm hoping when I make it out to AZ for a game this season we can catch a beer.

      And I'm thinking we are both going to right about Warner but I will keep my mouth shut until he has that famous 4 INT game. I'm just hoping we get out of SF with a win because a fast start is crucial this year more then most.
    13. jefftheshark
      I just wanted to say "Thanks" for the support last weekend on the Warner thing. And thanks for the kind words in response to the Troll.

      While I sorely hope that you and I are proven wrong in our concerns about Warner, I wouldn't bet that we are :smilie:

      Here's to enjoying the game!

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