Opportunity to Use one of the 2024 Third Round Picks


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Jan 7, 2003
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The Cards are touting big receivers and now one such player may be there for the taking. The NFL has announced it will hold a rare supplemental draft. The featured player will be WR Milton Wright. At 6’3”, 200+ pounds, he’s a physical specimen. He was a high school sprinter, but he’s not a burner. Perhaps his best time is in the 4.45 area. He does have good burst, jumps well, has good hands and uses his body well to screen. He had an occasional problem tracking the ball on deep throws, but he’s a useful weapon.

The NFL uses an insane formula for determining the order of teams. It is not the same order as the 2023 draft. Those with less than 6 wins will choose earliest. They actually hold a weighted lottery to determine the exact order. The second group of selectors are the teams with more than 6 wins, but were not playoff teams. The final group is made up of playoff teams. They begin by going through the teams in the determined order, asking if anyone wishes to use their 2024 first round pick to select a player. They then ask about a round 2 pick. Almost certainly no team will offer a first or second. Under normal circumstances round 3 might pass out as well, but the Cards have so many picks, they might venture a third. Depending on the order, they likely would wait until the lower of the third round picks came up. I guess another team could jump in, but that would be rare that early. Players typically slide down a few rounds.

Wright checks a bunch of the Cards‘ boxes. They could gamble and wait until round 4 or 5, but they can afford to be aggressive. The Cards took Jalen Thompson in round 5 of that supplemental draft. Before his squad dismissal Wright was projected to go Day 2 in the draft. If you use a pick, it’s forfeited from the 2024 draft. I think the Cards will seriously consider a move here and may well interview Wright.


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Generally, supplemental guys go 1 round later than they would in the regular draft... Wright aint bad.... i would submit a fifth for him and see what happens.