Mock Draft - AZ acquires 4 veterans by trading back


Pawnee, Skidi Clan
Feb 1, 2012
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Mesa, AZ
This is a horse of a different color. Instead of a total rebuild, we get right back in the game by using this draft to improve our team with some solid vets and a few talented rookies.

So, in addition to drafting 5 solid players, we acquire 4 solid vets and a 2024 2nd rounder by trading back a few times. The 'only' problem with acquiring all 4 of these vets would be making cap space, renegotiating contracts, &/or re-trading one or more for a different position of need and future picks.

47. Mazi Smith DT Michigan
54. Will McDonald IV EDGE Iowa State
168. Riley Moss CB Iowa
180. Dorian Thompson-Robinson QB UCLA
213. Jerome Carvin OG Tennessee

By trading back, Cards also acquire:
OT Titus Howard from Texans
OT Charles Leno Jr. from Wash
RB Austin Ekeler from Chargers
Edge Josh Allen from Texans
2024 2nd from Washington
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Jan 13, 2023
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So I like your idea to a degree. I think getting back solid players in a trade back is as good if not better than say...a mid round pick in a future draft.

For me, if a team that is calling us about a trade up has a solid young O-Lineman or D-Lineman that we can have for more than a 1 year rental...I am in favor of that instead of a 3rd round pick in almost every case.

I dont know much about the players you mentioned, but I think Ekler on this team would be wasted.

If we are going to go "big name RB" to any degree, our best move would be to trade back up into the lower 1st round and grab Bijan Robinson. He is going to be on a cost controlled 5 year rookie deal, and I would bet money he will be a top 5 RB all 5 of those years.