It's a torn meniscus in his right knee for Cam Johnson


May 10, 2007
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I think Book at 2, Bridges at 3, and Cam at 4 works. Earlier in the first 6 games, analytics had the Suns starting 5 as the best in the NBA. What is keeping us from being elite is the play at 1 and 5. We have both CP3 and Ayton playing like they did in the playoffs two seasons ago, and our starting five is tough. The problem is both guys play has been inconsistent at best. Starting to wonder if we will ever see those versions of those two, especially at the same time, ever again. Just my uneducated opinion, but it seems CP3's training has been a bit lax. He looks puffy physically. Ayton seems disinterested most the time now. His best game recently was when the new owner was in the building. I am not sure that motivates him long term.

I was going to comment on cp3’s puffiness too. I see these vegan commercials and it reminds me of cp3 lol. He needs to lean out imo.


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Sep 16, 2002
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He could, no and hell no.

I do believe Cam J is a SF and not a true PF IMO. I think the Suns need a true PF to help complete the roster. That puts the Suns in a tight spot with what do with Cam J since Bridges is our SF. You either need to continue to bring Cam J off the bench or commit to him as your long term PF. I don’t think you can when your starting center can be a shrinking violet around the rim at times. That makes for a really thin FC IMO.

Bridges is no SG. Never will be.

We have seen PG Book. He is good for stints but not full time. It’s no coincidence that Book’s game has elevated when we got CP3. It takes a ton of pressure off Book and he is not the one pressured to score and distribute the ball both. He needs a real PG to play next to IMO.
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Oct 19, 2003
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Unless the Suns acquire a starting caliber point guard for next season, Booker and Bridges could be that starting back court.

Bridges continues to grow as a scorer. He has scored over 20 points a game the last 5 games.