ESPN Insider: Chad Ford Slobbers all over the Suns

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May 14, 2002
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Errntknght said:
I do engage in hyperbole at times on here, but this wasn't one of them. Failing to extend JJ may yet prove to be a good move, but then signing Q may also prove to be a mistake. Is it any more reckless to give about the same millions to JJ as to Q? I preferred JJ last summer and I prefer him now, so I don't think so.

Okay, I can agree with you on this point. I said repeatedly before and at the beginning of free agency last summer that signing Q to a big contract would be a mistake for any team. I really, really did not want him on the Phoenix Suns. Even still there are some nights, like last night, where I think he might have been a mistake. I don't think this team would be experiencing nearly the success it is now without him though.

Errntknght said:
I don't think many millions would have had to be risked to sign Hunter for three years - the average GM would probably not have done it, so I'm not claiming BC missed an obvious move but it wasn't visionary to sign him for one year.

It's hard for me to argue in favor of extending CJ, I thought drafting him was a dumb and I'm still not impressed with his play. But the coach obviously likes him so you'd think the team would have locked him up.

I don't think there's a GM out there who would have given Hunter much more than what he got from the Phoenix Suns. No GM in their right mind would have guaranteed more years. At least we can give credit to BC for settling for Hunter instead of giving money to a guy like Traylor, who they apparently considered. I don't even think BC is trying to take any credit for signing Hunter.

Joe Mama