2024 NFL Draft Thread - Round 4 (no spoilers)


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Sep 12, 2002
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Not loving the game becomes an issue when the game becomes your life and everyone you compete against have made it their life.

Thats the biggest part of the equation that fans just don't see. We don't get to see what these guys are like. Maybe a player is an uber-douche who likes to party all of the time?

I had an acquaintance in college who used to party with a few Cardinals...one of them was Wendell Bryant. He used to use drugs recreationally pretty regularly.

This is all out in the media now, but Bryant was one of those guys who was just really good at football so he played the game, but it wasn't a passion of his, partying was.

I imagine that if the Cardinals had known Bryant was like that, they wouldn't have drafted him.
Wendell had a serious alcohol problem. He was a finance major meaning he only needed one big contract. Back in those days rookies were paid handsomely…

I think his contract was ten million then some other team signed him for a smaller amount.
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Aug 11, 2002
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If Monti was interested in signing a decent free agent wide receiver, wouldn't he have done so far before the draft?

Any teams with probably more decent receivers than they need and are willing to trade one?
Maybe yes, maybe no. Might want to see how the Draft played out.