1. Dr. Jones

    With the 8th pick in the NFL Draft......

    The Cardinals select: Who? I see: Jeudy, Brown, Lamb, Simmons, Thomas, Wills (not to me but to some) or Wirfs as the most possible targets. I think the Panthers being in front of us could kill our chances for Jeudy, but with the Jags behind us, they may want to swap up to secure Herbert if...
  2. SissyBoyFloyd

    Quick Poll - After taking Murray/Brown at 1.1/2.1, keep Rosen or Trade for a high 2nd

    Best to 1. Keep Rosen as insurance, or 2. Take a high 2nd rounder to get another starting player who can help us rebuild our team and help Murray, such as a red zone target like Whiteside or possibly a good TE. Rosen on the bench vs another good starter. Give Josh a chance to succeed...
  3. SissyBoyFloyd

    For All the Money,

    which team will Josh Rosen be on this coming season? *Ties will be decided by size.