quinnen williams

  1. Totally_Red

    Who do you WANT the Cardinals to draft if they can't trade down?

    Not who you think they'll take, but your personal preference
  2. Totally_Red

    A vote for Quinnen Williams

    Every time I see this kid make a media appearance I'm more impressed. He was on GMFB this a.m. and they asked why he is the best defender in this draft. He exudes supreme self-confidence without an ounce of arrogance. Seems to have a fantastic personality. I think he has everything to be the...
  3. Totally_Red

    To Steve Keim: Take the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE!

    In five years when some reporter asks why you selected player X in the 2019 draft, I don't want to hear some lame response like "It seemed like a good idea at the time." or "He really fit the offense." Ever since the 2007 fiasco of selecting Levi Brown and passing on Adrian Peterson, we've...
  4. Kai

    Candidates for 3-4 DE in the draft

    I looked at these player's length (at least 33''), Lateral Mobility/COD skills, 3-cone times (at worst, 7.85 seconds), 20 yard shuttle times (at worst 4.55 seconds), and their first step quickness. Players are not in a particular order. Quinnen Williams Rashan Gary Jerry Tillery Charles...