1. Dr. Jones

    The WR Screen

    RB’s - Fine TE’s - OK WR’s? - Almost never.
  2. Dr. Jones

    With the 8th pick in the NFL Draft......

    The Cardinals select: Who? I see: Jeudy, Brown, Lamb, Simmons, Thomas, Wills (not to me but to some) or Wirfs as the most possible targets. I think the Panthers being in front of us could kill our chances for Jeudy, but with the Jags behind us, they may want to swap up to secure Herbert if...
  3. Dr. Jones

    Week 2: Ravens Tailgate & Parking

    I know that a couple of us are going to this game @PACardsFan & @cardsfanmd for sure. Who else? I am thinking that we may want to coordinate our parking efforts so we can all tailgate together. I know the season is upon us! But we don't have a ton of time to plan for week 2!!!