kliff kingsburry

  1. K

    Kyler + Coaching

    Lets keep this short and simple. We have one of the best qb talents in recent years that is very unhappy. We have a head coach that has collapsed the last 7 seasons and all 7 in his career as a head coach. Clearly excellent at marketing himself and smooth talking his way out of things. I'm a...
  2. Totally_Red

    The new and improved Kliff Kingsbury

    I hope he sustains what I saw on Sunday minus the stupid offensive penalties on the first drive. Dan Orlovsky was raving about the new innovations on offense. He said there were three things he'd never seen before in Kliff's offense. :thumbup: It seems like KK and Kyler have been busy this...
  3. Totally_Red

    Minimum 2021 team performance to retain Kingsbury?

    The way-too-early opinion poll on what is the absolute minimum for Kliff to keep his job after the upcoming season.