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    Boldin: "There is no bad blood, There is no bad feelings"

    This is where I had a problem, he was giving Haley crap during the winning drive. That was unacceptable and made it appear he was more about himself than the team. I remember seeing it at the game clearly and wondering WTH was going on...but we scored and I didn't think about it until much...
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    Star Wars: Visions (Disney+)

    Has anyone watched this yet? There are only 2-3 episodes worth the time (and luckily they are all fairly short), easily the most forgettable of the new Star Wars TV content so far.
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    Anyone have an answer?

    Yeah I think it is blocked outside of Arizona. I was in a sports bar and knew I would have no sound, so I had the app on my phone, earbuds in and once pregame was over the broadcast stopped. It worked last year with no problems, I wonder if they were lax on their rules then because of the...
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    Will Cards beat the Vikings?

    What I saw from the Vikings was a team that struggled to establish the run and was struggling until the second quarter to do much of anything with the ball. Once Cousins started hitting the RBs on short passes that seemed to open up the rest of the offense. The OL didn't look particularly...
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    Patrick Peterson Today

    I was at the game and that simply wasn't true, Breeland and Alexander got smoked. Burrow hardly even looked towards Peterson. Peterson wasn't sticking his nose in to any tackle however--at all.
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    Pregame thread: Week 2 Minnesota @ Arizona 9-19-21

    I was at the Bengals Vikings game...they had 12 penalties--mostly by the OL, 4 on the opening drive, Breeland and Alexander were awful. Burrow rarely threw at Peterson and didn't really have to. The game became pretty one dimensional with the Vikings being behind in the 4th quarter, lots of...
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    The Official US Soccer thread

    I like Dest, he needs to mature as a player sure but the talent is there especially for a guy who is 2 months away from his 21st birthday. McKennie is a good player but an idiot and needs to grow up as a person, at least it wasn't a Charlie Davies type of situation where someone got killed and...
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    The Official US Soccer thread

    What a frustrating game to watch, the service was poor all night, whether in the run of play or off set pieces. Waiting so long for substitutions was ridiculous, that is 100% on the coach and inexcusable. They HAVE to win in Honduras--without Reyna, Dest and McKennie.
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    Cardinals news for the week of Aug 30, 2021

    I wouldn't want him in the Ring of Honor either--the PED thing and now taking shots at the organization should make that a no-brainer.
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    The Official US Soccer thread

    I did not stay up to watch the match but a 0-0 draw isn't exactly inspiring confidence. This team is supposed to be better than looking to draw on the road in WCQ and win at home--I can understand that attitude against Mexico or to some extent Costa Rica but not El Salvador.
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    Nashville Roll Call... who's going to be in town for WEEK 1

    I was there for that game too, at the time I was living in Memphis so it wasn't a bad drive. I am considering going this year--it's a 4.5 hour drive from Indy but I haven't even looked at tickets prices or anything yet.
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    Retirement Planning Thread

    Yet another reason to not count on Social Security as anything more than gravy in retirement.
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    Retirement Planning Thread

    Congratulations! Hope you have many happy healthy years in retirement!
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    Retirement Planning Thread

    That is a tough situation but hopefully you can do the best you can to save until you both stop working so your golden years are comfortable.
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    Retirement Planning Thread

    I can agree with that, I personally got started later than I should have (27) and I have been lucky to have a job with a pension to go along with the 401K. I never had retirement advice from my parents (my Dad was both retired military and retired Gov employee--so 2 pensions) and I had to self...