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    2023 Cardinals Head Coach Options

    Stanford’s teams have been trash the past few years. Shaw’s opportunity to bolt for the NFL was right after Luck declared. Waited too long. Plus, Shaw gets paid a decent amount there so his motivation to leave likely isn’t high
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    Should the Cards Trade or Cut Humphries?

    I’ve been a DJ advocate since he got here, but his play wasn’t becoming of a top-tier LT. When Beachem replaced him for a game, I’d barely noticed DJ’s absence. Plus, we have Beachem for another year. If cut, we’d save $14 mil on the cap, and with many contracts going up in value, such as...
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    Why you fire Kingsbury now

    I wouldn’t put money on him leaving football and then going to baseball, but he’s intimated that he’d like to play at some point. The door is open for him and that’s enough to at least consider that as a potential avenue for him if things go haywire in the NFL
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    Rondale "Bust" Moore

    Kirk, Isabella, Moore. Three second round receivers, three disappointments; and Keim will need to sign at least one decent WR in the offseason.
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    Why you fire Kingsbury now

    Whose job is it to develop Murray? Kliff was brought in to develop Rosen and then pivoted to Murray to expedite the process of getting a QBoF.
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    Why you fire Kingsbury now

    100% agree with @Harry. Kliff fails at some of the most fundamental aspects of coaching. It’s fine not to be perfect, but he’s deficient in far too many categories, namely leadership, skill development, clock management, etc. I know we’ve improved steadily each season, but we’ve also seen from...
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    That’s Why You Fire Kliff

    On top of his, “at least we’re in the playoffs” statement, this is horrible. Take some accountability for the team being ill-prepared and undisciplined. JFC, he sucks so bad at his job
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    Does the late season collapse end Kingsbury extension?

    Kliff was set to cash in before the collapse. Kliff deserves to lose his job, but I think realistically, you cant have him go into next season with a new contract. Like Kyler, Kliff hasnt earned a big dollar extension yet.
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    Quick Thoughts - Rams/Some Offseason

    Just got back from the game and shoutout to the team for making me pay an arm and a leg to see that catastrophe. Definitely worth it to see a bunch of drunk Rams fans heckle my 8-year-old son while walking thru Inglewood to get back to my car. There's a special place in hell for...
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    Cardinals at Rams playoff gameday thread 1-17-2022

    I’m owed reparations by Bidwill in the form of money back or Kliff fired
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    Cardinals at Rams playoff gameday thread 1-17-2022

    I hate Colt McCoy, but at this point, I’d bench Kyler for him
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    That’s Why You Fire Kliff

    The best is this clown gets at least another year to screw up this team
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    Cardinals at Rams playoff gameday thread 1-17-2022

    “He plays best when the lights are bright”
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    Cardinals at Rams playoff gameday thread 1-17-2022

    This team is a joke. Lifeless

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