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    10 thoughts - Vikings game

    It does now, but it seems like good insurance as well, with the young guys stepping into their roles. That was an unknown going into the season.
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    Vikings @ Cardinals postgame thread

    Did you know theres thousands of little muscles in your back? Thanks, Aqib.
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    Vikings at Cardinals gameday thread 9-19-2021

    Can we answer the dominance of the MN OL in the second half? Can we scheme change/adjust and stop them running right up the gut for 7-8 yrds at a clip???
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    Mega Watt Package

    Based on the Watt Mic'ed up segment, it sounds like they most likely do. Didn't I hear him discussing with another lineman (I think it was Humphries) that he thought the ball was coming behind him? And then he turned and saw K1 had naked bootlegged it in? I imagine it's relatively simple to have...
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    OT: NFC North

    I think so, too. I picked em to win it all this year. But Rodgers looked very disinterested last week once they went down 17.
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    OT: NFC North

    Not for The Packers. They didnt even participate.
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    The Play

    I was thinking about this play last night. And I feel like my feelings watching it live sum up being a Cardinals fan quite nicely. I was crapping my pants waiting for KM to be folded in half, throw an ill timed pick, or myriad other terrible happenings. Simultaneously, I was thinking, If this is...
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    Cardinals at Titans postgame thread

    Krang, youre being quite the toolbag today.
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    Pick your Super Bowl finalists

    I think CBS went Bills/Packers, too. Hard not to go Chiefs/Bucs again. But thats lame. So, Ill go Chiefs Packers, Packers winning it all.
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    15 thoughts - Chiefs game, preseason

    5. Its broadcaster pre season, too! How many underpaid interns do you think that production has running around trying to figure out how do their job?
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    WYTS: Arizona Cardinals

    Comment from David: "And let’s not forget my personal favorite: down 11 with 5 minutes to go in a must-win game, offensive wunderkind Kingsbury calls this play for an injured QB on 3rd and 18." That gif link is everything.
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    WYTS: Arizona Cardinals

    Its the most, wonderful time.... of the yeeeeeear.
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    2021 Training Camp Thread

    All these DL signings speak to a MASH unit of a defensive line. A position group that was going to be one of the strengths of the team, and help cover for our concerns at DB. Its rather concerning to me...
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    2021 Training Camp Thread

    That is glorious
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    Chandler Jones requested a trade

    I always view the salary cap as a way for the league to ensure competitive balance across the league. Jerry Jones would win every title ever if money were no object kind of deal. Its interesting to think of it as a tool used to keep player salaries down though I agree that it has that effect. A...