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    Kachina Jersey

    I hated them when they were first introduced (and I knew someone in the yotes marketing and design team so I let em have it). But over the years, as I’ve doubled in age, they’ve acquired a nostalgic warmth.
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    The "you means it already time for camp" thread

    Okay I know a few more, but still a lot unfamiliar names. And all of the goalies.
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    WK 3-Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars Pre Game Thread 9/20/21-9/25/21

    Man that’s early in the season for that to happen. Lose focus after a single game?
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    Week 3 Parlay of Undefeated

    Yup. A lot have choice matchups and two play each other so one of them should be.
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    Vikings @ Cardinals postgame thread

    And outran like 8 teammates that were closer to the play in doing so!
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    10 thoughts - Vikings game

    It’s also a longer term signing given the disparity in ages. If Samuel does hit it’s big upside for Washington. But the other side is if Green doesn’t hit it’s a short issue given his contract. We have a long ways to go before we have any idea which was the better course.
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    Murray OPOW

    Yeah last week was a better week imo. More yardage this week, but one less TO and one more TD last week.
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    Vikings @ Cardinals postgame thread

    Watch that again and notice how much more decisively and faster budda moves to the ball than all the other defenders. His diagnosis of the play and where theilen is headed is unreal.
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    Murray OPOW

    I think definitely on the Murray jersey. When a team gets a franchise QB they don’t let them go. So that jersey likely has more long term relevance than any other. As for value of my jersey, considering they are custom made these days I don’t think it will have any additional value bc it could...
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    Fascinated to see if the vet tangibles/intangibles pays off in the long run. Cause we did have more youthful options.

    I get it. I admittedly get carried away trying to defend other posters from attacks. My internal sense of justice gets the better of me (as if you don’t know that from the P&R board).
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    Game Balls

    9 game balls seems like they are participation trophies. Fight me.
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    The Annual "Potential Players Available for Trade" Thread

    Lol. I wouldn’t mad
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    The Annual "Potential Players Available for Trade" Thread

    I think Miami hangs up laughing at kennard offer
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    Murray OPOW

    Yeah we do. I’ve never been a QB Jersey guy, and I just got an authentic Simmons jersey last year (with a poorly aged rookie #,lol). But Murray is going to change that.