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    Where is Britcard?

    For those keeping score, I'm not dead yet either.... JTS
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    Fix the D in Free Agency

    Rodgers-Cromartie rather than Brown but other than that I agree JTS
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    How's This For Doom and Gloom?

    Next year, rather than wasting money on the Sunday Ticket, I’m just going to spend game days binge watching the Cardinals 2015 season of All or Nothing. Glory Days! JTS
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    Niners at Cardinals gameday thread 10-31-19

    Somewhere Wilkes is smiling JTS
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    What are your next steps for this team?

    I would lower the cost of beer at the stadium and randomly insert porn onto the big screens during the game. people might say, “hey! jefftheshark! Won’t that distract fans away from the action on the field?” But I wouldn’t care because duh, cheap beer and free porn is way more enticing than...
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    Cardinals at Saints gameday thread 10-27-19

    I didn’t know that I could string together that many curse words - %#}%#}#}}{}#}{{}##%%*+>#}<€|##<~|!!!!!!!! stupid, stupid play calling JTS
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    What is up with the green Cardinals hat?

    Next time you go to costco... - can you see if the one you go to has the embroidered Cardinal logo on a Kelley green hat? the ones by me only have white. i will pay you + shipping if you could send me some. i need XL. if you're outside of AZ please check as well :) JTS
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    K1 named NFC Offensive Player of Week

    It’s threads like this that remind me why I drop out of sight so often. Having an overwhelming desire to always be “right” is the hallmark of someone compensating for a certain lack in other areas. people calling out other posters for having a different opinion is kindergarten ****. If you...
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    Our “air raid” offense

    Then there’s hope. All we need to do is run 500 plays per game :championship: JTS
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    We Lost

    Wow, it’s like old home week around here lol. Section 11, Conrad and JTS sightings - who’s next Vomit Boy? Tango? JTS
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    Ouch - Bickley Eviscerates Keim

    I got tired of the bickering on this topic so jumping into the Delorean I went back in time and somehow maneuvered Keim into drafting Mahomes. And guess what? By 2019 we still were pathetic because OUR OFFENSIVE LINE SUCKS! So I went back and reset the original timeline because it’s not fair to...
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    Polarized Thinking Has Taken Over this Board and I'm Sick of It

    It’s not toxic if you add a :) :) JTS
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    If Keim gets fired this season, who would you want as GM?

    You’d think with how awesome they are and all that the crowd would be clamoring for Kliff & Kyler to get the gig. :thewave: JTS
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    When's the last time we had a franchise Tight End?

    I’ll take “Never” for $400, Alex JTS
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    Polarized Thinking Has Taken Over this Board and I'm Sick of It

    I implied what they inferred. Sincerely, Bizarro JTS