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    10 thoughts - Titans game

    For us fans that might be true but the coaching staff damn well better be dwelling on the negatives. It's the little details that makes a team great. Like others have said, those first quarter penalties would have derailed us against a stronger opponent. If that happened against the other 3...
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    PFF Game Grades

    Yup. These ranking sites are ridiculous. I'll take the eye test over most of these stat based assessments or whatever they use to come up with these. I thought Corey Peters had a good game from what I saw. Same with Hicks and Simmons. Didn't remember seeing much of Zaven which was evident by his...
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    Cardinals at Titans postgame thread

    Can’t be too many complaints. Should be a lot of crow eating for the defensive side of things. Obviously, Chandler Jones’s demise was exaggerated. Watt was disruptive. Hicks was solid. Secondary looked good even if it was a product of the rush. The sky was falling at one time or another for most...
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Yup. It’s not an option for most people. That what I’ve been saying.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    That’s the same screen I see so I hope it’s working.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    That's not my understanding. I don't think just anybody can stream it on a firestick or Roku. My understanding is that you have to live somewhere that a satellite dish cannot be mounted at your residence in order to get the streaming only Sunday Ticket.
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    Cards cuts

    It's a bold strategy Cotton, Let's see if it pays off.......
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    Streaming Sunday Ticket question

    I'll be curious about the answer to this as well. I believe on my TV it did the same thing. No info just the Sunday Ticket start up screen but no way to navigate the screen.
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    OT: Terrell ‘T.O.’ Owens trying to make NFL comeback at age 47

    Lol. Publicity stunt. Guys like him are always trying to stay relevant in the public eye. Just like his playing career, always trying to bring attention to himself.
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    Is this a good Fantasy Team to begin a 12 team season with?

    Haha. I was thinking the same thing. There is no redraft league where you would have chance at both these guys.
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    How to watch the games online

    Correct. If you are not worried about watching them live, NFL Game Pass would be best. I believe they are available after the game has ended.
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    My Comment on PP

    He may have cost us a game or two. Last year, more often than not, he was getting blown by or drawing a defensive penalty at a crucial time (PI or hold). However, I agree than the FO did a **** poor job of addressing the position this year. But as other have said, the CB's on the roster now are...
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    Selling tickets on cards site, how?

    Let me know. I have my 2 tix. I doubt I will be able to go to Christmas game due to the holidays with the family. I will confirm to be sure if you are interested. I know my wife had mentioned to a couple of our Phx friends about the tix.
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    2021 Training Camp Thread

    Wilson's "really dumb play" was nowhere near the same thing as Blount. LaGarrette Blount is a piece of crap for what he did. Should have never even had the opportunity for an NFL career.
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    2021 Schedule

    I believe it is the entire NFC conference that has the extra away games.

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