1. oaken1

    I dunno, do we really see it with Kyler?

    we need to see some improvement from the kid I for one am really hoping he takes a leap this season, not just a step.
  2. K

    Kyler + Coaching

    Lets keep this short and simple. We have one of the best qb talents in recent years that is very unhappy. We have a head coach that has collapsed the last 7 seasons and all 7 in his career as a head coach. Clearly excellent at marketing himself and smooth talking his way out of things. I'm a...
  3. Dr. Jones

    With the 8th pick in the NFL Draft......

    The Cardinals select: Who? I see: Jeudy, Brown, Lamb, Simmons, Thomas, Wills (not to me but to some) or Wirfs as the most possible targets. I think the Panthers being in front of us could kill our chances for Jeudy, but with the Jags behind us, they may want to swap up to secure Herbert if...
  4. Brian in Mesa

    Only one starter below Kyler Murray in new QB rankings

    Only one starter below Kyler Murray in new QB rankings The offseason is for rankings and debating. Arizona Cardinals fans are excited about the future of quarterback Kyler...

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