1. Absolute Zero

    Colorado @ #24 ASU 7PM Sat.

    Colorado beat ASU 28-21 last year and is coming into Tempe with some of the same cast of characters, including the same QB Montez, who threw for over 300 yards in last year's game, and Shenault who ripped our secondary for over 100 yards and is supposed to be a first round draft pick in the...
  2. Skipper1111

    Against the Blitz + Other stuff

    I think we should or I hope we are more proactive against the blitz because it looks like that’s how they are gonna try to play K1. Maybe more screens and QB draws, the run option plays look cool, but are risky. We need to tire out the defense with Running the ball Other subjects, our defense...
  3. SissyBoyFloyd

    25,575 - What ?

    Be the first to guess what the number 25,575 might represent or refer to and win a free time travel experience of your choice for one of the following: 1. The Titanic's 1912 maiden voyage to New York, 2. The Hindenburg's 1937 flight to New Jersey, 3. The 1959 flight of rock legend Buddy...