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    Chandler Jones Extension Market

    My hesitation in giving him a new deal in the offseason was due to the fact he was coming off of injury. He addressed that pretty emphatically yesterday, have to find a way to pay him.
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    Finals Here We Come!!!

    Sadly it appears ABC has the Finals so it's going to be them.
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    Deandre Ayton discussion

    The team has to designate it in his contract. For instance if Mikal and he were both getting maxed the team would only be able to designate one of the as super max eligible. So the team needs to designate him and he needs at least one of those achievements(other than the All Star, you need to...
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    Clippers @ Suns Monday WCF game thread 6-28-2021 - Game 5

    Close it out, let the Bucks continue to be Jekyll and Hyde with their play to drag out that series and let Booker's face heal.
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    Deandre Ayton discussion

    I think it's safe to say Ayton will get his max extensions this offseason, but will the team make him super max eligible? If he keeps up his play and they win the title I think it'd be worth it regardless what happens in the future. Since he hasn't made an all-star game before he will only get...
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    Clippers @ Suns Tuesday WCF game thread 6-22-2021 - Game 2

    Some charity will get some extra cash.
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    Chris Paul enters COVID Protocol

    Wrap it up before Scott Foster is back on the calendar.
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    Deandre Ayton discussion

    I don't feel bad for Grizz fans, they still think JJJ is better than Ayton so they must be happy with it. That Kings pick is just brutal, and all because Divac didn't like Luka's dad.
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    Deandre Ayton discussion

    I've been nervously optimistic about Ayton from the moment we got the #1 pick. I knew that damn near any team that got the top pick was going to take him once they brought him in for a workout. He is an absolute freak athlete with great production in his 1 year of college. The worry has always...
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    Deandre Ayton discussion

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    Clippers @ Suns Tuesday WCF game thread 6-22-2021 - Game 2

    Same, but I'm so hyped for any Suns news right now I am watching anything about them. The way he was trying to thread the needle on the criteria for his arguments was so transparent. "PG out scored DBook from the 6:05 mark in the 3rd until the end of the period." "Dbook couldn't score in the 4th...
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    Booker Question

    KAT is an elite talent, the real unicorn. My only problem with with him(other than injury concerns) is his defense. My feeling is he is capable of being a lot better than what he's shown but if he isn't then having a big who is sub-par on that end of the court is an absolute killer.
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    Clippers @ Suns Tuesday WCF game thread 6-22-2021 - Game 2

    He will and he'll re-sign for more guaranteed years.
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    Clippers @ Suns Sunday WCF game thread 6-20-2021 - Game 1

    This may not be the most talented Suns team, but it's certainly the toughest hardest working Suns team I can recall. Real testament to Monty.

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