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    What I would like to see from our offense against the Jags

    This game is going to be closer than you think.
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    Extend Chase Edmonds(?) and RBs

    Can’t compare Chase with a workhorse back. I think today’s NFL calls for multi-back rooms. If Chase can accept that he should remain a Cardinal.
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    10 thoughts - Vikings game

    I’m not advocating bringing Fitz in. I’m not totally happy with the return. Part of that is because we were told by the media just how frickin great he looked in camp. I also thought this game was set up for him to have a huge game and that didn’t actually happen. However if his presence is...
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    10 thoughts - Vikings game

    I think Fitz had 13 catches for 84 yards in the first three games. Just sayin.
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    Has the Pottsville curse been lifted for the Cards

    Jin Jinxed, cursed, whatever…we can’t afford any of this stuff! Lol
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    10 thoughts - Vikings game

    This defense was built on pressuring the Qb. If we don’t accomplish that our DB’s will be exposed. In addition if you can’t stop the run , you can’t pressure the qb when it’s second down and 2.
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    Has the Pottsville curse been lifted for the Cards

    Well, not anymore. You woke the sleeping dog.
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    JJ Watt

    I saw Watt getting doubled but the real problem was the d-line would flow in the direction of the play. Then the Vikings were getting blockers to the second tier. I saw Hicks literally get pushed back 10 yards. While all that was happening Cook would cut back.
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    Situational Football

    Why is it a fear? It’s the truth. Kyler must play very good to great for us to win. At least that’s the way it is with this roster. That could be said about a lot of QB’s depending on their opponent.
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    Thoughts on game / team

    Well we are the champions of giving rookies their first step to the Hall of Fame so there is that concern.
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    Run Defense Terrible since 2020. Coaching or Talent?

    I think first half scheme was the problem. I watched two d-linemen and two linebackers outside the tackle with two linebackers 7 yards of the LOS. It screamed to Cousins run the ball up the middle. It’s great to see we adjusted at halftime.
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    Vikings @ Cardinals postgame thread

    Amen. A game winning play to end the half.
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    Vikings @ Cardinals postgame thread

    Great post. Most of us live in a NFL FAIRYTALE land where every play is perfect, every drive is a score and the other team never gets a first down. Stuff happens. The better teams adjust and overcome. The lesser teams squander opportunities. Look at the other so called GOOD teams. Seattle...
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    Thoughts on game / team

    We are averaging 36 pts. A game. The other team has players and a plan too. There is no such thing as a perfect game. Double Nuk if they want. We have shown we can take advantage of that. Overcoming mistakes is a sign of a good team. We are great but lost when our kicker misses a game...
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    Vikings at Cardinals gameday thread 9-19-2021

    Add Moore dodging some defenders and getting out of bounds with 1 second left allowing Prater to kick a 62 yard fg.