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    Extend Chase Edmonds(?) and RBs

    It is more than JAG money.... but not much more. JAG guys are getting around 3.5mil right now I think. But Chase is a Cardinal... dude has kept his head down and worked hard without complaint or issues...... and his style fits the offense pretty well
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    WK 3-Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars Pre Game Thread 9/20/21-9/25/21

    I’m not too concerned with the injury report. Coaches like to throw a little gamesmanship in there to keep the other coaches worried about their game plan. Hop will play. If he’s hurt they just won’t go his way much. But a guy like Hop is way too valuable as a decoy to keep him out. If they...
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    Extend Chase Edmonds(?) and RBs

    I dunno.....5 years for 26mil with 16m guaranteed? Stack the salaries to the first three years so he is easily cuttable on the back end. Still doesn’t stop us from bringing in an early round rookie On one hand you have his production.... that’s worth X Then on the other hand you have the...
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    What I would like to see from our offense against the Jags

    Agree. But I would prefer to see those methodical drives after our high octane offense has us a comfortable 14-21 point lead. Also want to see killer instinct. These ain’t children... kliff don’t need to worry about their self esteem. Put a boot on their neck and grind. Up by 30? Great.... now...
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    Boldin: "There is no bad blood, There is no bad feelings"

    Todd Haley had a reputation for not being liked
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    Week 3 Parlay of Undefeated

    I must have misunderstood... I only picked four games... But give me the Bucs
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    Murray OPOW

    was thinking on getting Murray jerseys for the grandkids.... mostly because the number should be relevant for years up in to their lives... but Ive never bought a qb jersey either... that Simmons jersey? Save that. It will be considered a classic one day and if the kid goes to the Hall that...
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    Fascinated to see if the vet tangibles/intangibles pays off in the long run. Cause we did have more youthful options. think Jon Gruden was going to trade a star offensive lineman to his arch rival if we didnt get him? Not in a million years. Never happen. all three of those guys have delivered acceptable play. JJ Watt has been JJ Watt... he eats up blockers and makes an occasional play in the...
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    MNF with the Mannings

    All day?? Dude! Group send
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    Run Defense Terrible since 2020. Coaching or Talent?

    In theory.... our defense is built to pass rush and our offense is built to stack points quickly.... mid the offense does what it’s supposed to do then opponents won’t be running on us for long.... then we turn loose the pass rush. Don’t think it’s a huge issue unless we get in a situation...
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    WK 3-Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars Pre Game Thread 9/20/21-9/25/21

    Damn.... hair too big for my newest grandson
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    Pregame thread: Week 2 Minnesota @ Arizona 9-19-21

    Those who were not there just don’t know what those cowboys fans were like every season. It wasn’t safe for a cards fan to walk alone through the parking lot. Retaliation was necessary. But I do truly value the opinions of those who became “Diehards” just as soon as we had air conditioning
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    Fitz as a TE?

    Fitz is a decent blocker against safeties and an occasional OLB Any DE in the nfl is going to eat his lunch and send him to the bench questioning his life choices
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    OT: John Harbaugh

    That’s a good coach
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    WK 3-Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars Pre Game Thread 9/20/21-9/25/21

    The two best backs in the league. What we learned is that we match up well against power run schemes but not so well against zone run schemes with shifty backs. Fortunately we won’t face a Dalvin Cook every week.