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Feb 24, 2019
    1. BC867
      Hi. I thought I read that when I renewed my contribution, I would automatically be logged in, as I was in the past. But, since I got my new computer, I have to log in to each site that I frequent each time -- the D-backs, the Mercury and the Suns. At worst, once I log in for one, shouldn't I be logged in for all? I did check the box which says to keep me logged in.
    2. Iceman
      2. Change the icons that appear at the top of each post (B, I, U, etc.) so that the most useful ones appear. For example, I've never used the outdent button, but I use the Quote feature all the time. It would be nice to have the Quote tool on the toolbar itself instead of having to drop down through the plus sign icon to get to it. Maybe swap out the unused features for the popular ones.
    3. Iceman
      Mike, 2 questions from an admin (2nd one will be in another PM)

      1. Shorten the width of the first column in the forums and expand the width of the last column (the "Latest" column) so that more of the "Latest" thread title is visible. There is a lot of blank space on the page that is not being used. The old look had the same issue.
    4. BC867
      Hi. I asked ASFN Admin a question and he said to forward it to you.

      I am adjusting to you new format, but cannot find how to, after reading the last post on a thread, return to that forum to open the next thread, as we could at the bottom of the previous format. Can you help.

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