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    1. justAndy
      What happened to this post? More censorship from moderators - or did you think it may have been inflammatory?---Quote (Originally by justAndy)---Also - It seems strange that certain numbers appear over and over - 12, 3, 7, 40...AND - these numbers echo the numerology from older sources and religions.The Flood - over 400 accounts - from all over the world.The Savior - 16 from 16 different cultures.It seems the ancients were trying to get at some kind of understanding of the world and man's place in it.It seems a human endeavor was peverted by popes and priests into a "divine" one that only THEY had knowledge of.---End Quote---I agree this is what organized religion is / was about, a certain percentage of people are honestly trying to be spiritual about it. If you believe in a creative force, and I do, then you don't have to understand it to believe it might exist. You can do this with some logic and a little duct tape and 3&1 oil, and some gauze pads. To think there is utterly no point and mankind is the most evolved force in the known universe would be depressing in the extreme. I don't believe that at all.
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