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    Cardinals at Titans postgame thread

    Amazing game. Good defense Good offense Studs came through FA acquisitions came through Rookies and recent draft picks came through Refs sucked Basic coaching and discipline concerns plague us Enjoy.....
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    Cardinals at Titans gameday thread 9-12-2021

    Refs in midseason form
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    Wk 1 Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans Pre Game thread Sept 6 - Sept 11, 2021

    Not the words I would use official twitter account, but ok
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    The Biggest Loser (of Cardinals training camp)

    I was wondering about that. Perhaps he had partially torn it, maybe even the previous season, and was playing tentatively. Now it's popped, repaired, and rehabbed. We'll never really know for sure. What we will start to know soon, is if he sucks in the here and now. It's a contract year for...
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    ASFN Pick 'em League?

    A few of us have over the years. I've done it a few times too. As long as we have one is all that matters.
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    ASFN Pick 'em League?

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    Today is Steve Keim’s Birthday

    Happy B-Day Keim, be careful out there!
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    Found this to be hilarious !

    Seen this before, hilarious. Great to see again.
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    Malcom Butler

    I've thought this for a while, I think Keim purposefully seeks out players that are known to be dinged up because to him it's a situation he can create value. Get a $10 item for $3. If one in 3 hit, you breakeven (or even ahead) rather than a 0 or 1 proposition. I get it, but for Keim, he...
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    My Comment on PP

    PP was a great player here for a very long time. He also was a diva. We knew that going in, and while there were some ups and downs, it was mostly positive. It's hard to say whether desire, age, health, lack of PED's or some combination thereof has diminished him, but it was clear he wasn't...
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    Suns @ Bucks Tuesday Finals game thread 7-20-2021 - Game 6

    NBA refs knocked us off course in games 3 and 4, and we choked. Bucs played out of their mind. Monty didn't contest the refs. Saric was sorely missed. I can't believe we had double-digit lead in the three games after being up 2-0 and lost all three. We even had a 7 point lead in this.
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    Suns @ Bucks Wednesday Finals game thread 7-14-2021 - Game 4

    The refs call everything but that... amazing:lol:
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    Suns @ Bucks Sunday Finals game thread 7-11-2021 - Game 3

    Did you guys catch it? McGregor showed he was a Suns fan last night.