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    Vikings at Cardinals gameday thread 9-19-2021

    Last year against Buffalo.
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    The new and improved Kliff Kingsbury

    Everyone sing along, lyrics provided!
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    Heroes from your Youth

    Baseball - Bob Gibson Basketball - Wes Unseld Football - Larry Wilson
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    Never as good… never as bad.

    Maybe the Titans believed the press clipping as they were the odds on favorite to win the AFC South and the Cardinals were usually picked to come in third or fourth in their division. The Cardinals came ready to play and the Titans got their dupa handed to them. I think it was probably the...
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    Will Cards beat the Vikings?

    I don't think people are giving the Bengals enough credit. I don't think there as bad as many make them out to be. As long as their Oline can give Burrows some time they have a good group of receivers in Chase, Higgins and Boyd and a good back in Mixon. They can do some damage. Week one had...
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    Pregame thread: Week 2 Minnesota @ Arizona 9-19-21

    Cardinals got away with a block in the back on this one. See the tree second mark.
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    Pregame thread: Week 2 Minnesota @ Arizona 9-19-21

    PP might actually show up to play Sunday. You know he thinks the Cardinals mistreated him. He would like nothing more than to shove it down their throats.
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    Quick Thoughts - Tennessee

    Don't expect Jones to get multiple sacks every week. He went up against a backup tackle who played his entire career at RT who for whatever reason was playing LT yesterday. I only got to watch highlights of the game however I thought the Oline was shaky on pass protection from what I saw. The...
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    Today is Steve Keim’s Birthday

    Here's one for you Stevie.
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    Irrational Confidence Thread

    Both Conner and Edmunds run for a 1,000 yards.
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    Cardinals news for the week of Aug 30, 2021

    It's that KK is incapable of winning consistently again better competition and in the NFL most of the competition is quite good.
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    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    Fitz making a heroic return is a fairy tale.
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    Cards release C Lamont Gaillard

    There's a reason he lasted into the third round when he was projected to go much earlier than that.
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    Cards cuts

    Wesley play for KK at Texas Tech. Maybe that played into the decision to keep him over Dortch.
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    Bring him in it can’t hurt list.

    Niners released Josh Rosen.