Your Solution to Cardinal ongoing Flaws that need fixing


Pawnee, Skidi Clan
Feb 1, 2012
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List things you would like to see the Cards change, do, or stop doing in order to correct something that seems like an ongoing problem. I have 2 to begin with.

1. Problem: when teams get in a short yardage situation, like on the goal line or 3rd/4th down & 1 or 2 yards for a 1st, and lineman gets flagged for illegal procedure.
Cure: When close to goal line or any short yardage situation, stop taking so long to hike the ball. That is what is causing the penalty. If, when always in those situations, your whole team knew the QB would call a quick count, it would end most of those. It would stop lineman from having to wait in their stance so long, and the defense wouldn't have time to keep moving around trying to get our OL to move. It's a simple fix for all those situations. Introduce it at practice and drill it in till it is natural and redundant.

2. Problem: Ball is inside the 5, 1st or 2nd and goal, and RB runs outside the tackles and gets dropped for a 5 or more yard loss. Now he has not only lost yardage, but taken away the option to run on later downs.
Cure: When that close to the goal, never run outside the tackles or line your RB so deep to where he can lose yardage. When that close to the goal on 1st or 2nd downs, you should limit yourself to 3 options; run up the middle, pass, or some type of play action roll out for QB to pass or run. In latter case, QB must always throw it away before losing yards. On 3rd down, of course anything goes.

Unless playing a team with front 4 like the Rams, I would always lineup and hike quickly and run up the middle on first down. Always. Then when playing Ram-like front 4s, they will notice on studying tape that Cards like to run between tackles on 1st and goal. Thus my favorite play would be fake run up the middle and quickly hit the TE in back of end zone under goal posts. If not wide open, then throw it high where only your big TE can jump up and catch it.

Now, what do you have to assist our coaches in improving our ongoing situational problems? Let's show KK you care.