Wk 12-Arizona Cardinals @ NE Patriots Pre Game Thread. 2020


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Mar 29, 2016
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We need a sound O D and ST game, Kyler doing Kyler Stuff and no penalties, don't get cute and finish the games


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Dec 31, 2004
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Kliff has been out-coached in most of the games this year and last. It’s ONLY due to him being bailed out by FREAK players like Kyler and D-Hop that he has won the games he’s won.
Seriously, if you go back and look, most of our wins have not come because Kliff out-smarted, out-schemed or made the better adjustments vs the opposing head coach.
So, what do we think a guy like Belicheck will do with Kliff? Hmmmmm... I personally believe Bill will have Kliff twisted into a pretzel by the 3rd quarter. And if we have even the slightest chance for a win come the start of the 4th, it will be because Kyler has been working his magic - mainly with his legs.

I see the Pats doing all they can to run the ball down our throats and controlling TOP in a major way.
Yup... it will once again boil down to Kyler. Can he make enough “get out of jail” plays to somehow grab the W... personally, I don’t believe so as I believe Belicheck will scheme and coach and adjust his way to the victory, while Kliff will be left with his ho-hum, redundant post-game comments about how he needs to call better plays... needs to get the team better prepared... blah blah blah...

Uh Huh...

Now we get the standard post-game bag of shyte from Kliffy...
He simply sucks...